Have you heard of the Whole30 nutritional program?

It is a 30 day nutritional program of food choices that eliminate inflammatory foods and reset your system. I just heard of Whole30 for the first time yesterday! It’s a very intriguing concept! As we all buzzzzzz along, striving for healthier eating habits, it makes sense that our gut, metabolism, and hormones need a reset from the high sugar, highly processed food supply that is at our fingertips.

Why the focus on sugar? Why is sugar bad? In a nutshell, sugar contains no nutrients, enzymes or macronutrients and instead calorie-rich sugars cause a whole bucket of health issues. There is no argument no matter what food path you follow, we should all avoid processed foods created in a factory, and instead focus on healthy whole foods created in nature.

What is a “whole food?” A whole food is essentially any food that has NOT been refined, processed, added to, or artificial. Popular categories are fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains, legumes, grass fed beef, chicken, and eggs. The Whole30 program is very adaptable if you follow vegetarian/vegan, paelo, gluten free, or GAPS programs. I know-lots to think about and ponder my fellow honeybees. Let me know your progress and share your healthy tips!

Learn more about Whole30 http://whole30.com/step-one/.

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Why is sugar bad? http://wellnessmama.com/15/harmful-effects-of-sugars/

Healthy Honeybee

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