EO Series Post #2: Are all Essential Oil brands the same?

The NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) states: “Adulterated essential oils increase the likelihood of an adverse response and hence the need for pure, authentic, and genuine essential oils is of the utmost importance.” You can be more confident in the safety of using essential oils by making sure they are made of a good quality.

We see a lot of different brands that say 100% organic, therapeutic, raw, all natural, etc. but unfortunately, those terms are often purely marketing and do not indicate true statements. When I started using essential oils years ago, I bought them from various places. Once I started using quality essential oils from reputable brands, I could see and feel the difference. Since I use essential oils for the health and wellness of my family, I use only quality brands.

There are a few suppliers/brands of quality essential oils. Be sure to research testing standards and quality controls as well as the company overall. Learn more at http://www.naha.org

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