Want to learn more about using Aromatherapy & Essential Oils?

Andrea Butje, a Clinical Aromatherapist at Aromahead Institute School of Essential Oil Studies offers excellent webinars and courses on the use of essential oils. See more at: aromahead.com. She has a free introductory course that includes some good DIY recipes for your home!

The NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) is a great resource. http://www.naha.org. NAHA also lists trusted Certified Aromatherapists and industry experts.

I also trust Wellness Mama at wellnessmama.com. I love her site and have made a ton of her recipes. She uses EOs daily, but focuses on quality oils and does her research first.

For information on safely using essential oils during pregnancy, Stephanie Fritz, The Essential Midwife is a great resource. http://www.theessentialmidwife.com.

Healthy Honeybee

Buzz Buzz Buzz. I’ve always felt like a little bee buzzing around searching, learning, and striving to have a healthier home, healthier kids, healthier meals, healthier habits, and a gracious thankful attitude about everything. My name is Andrea and I am truly a “Healthy Honeybee”. I am a happy busy mom of three and I adore my family. I love to cook, clean, and always try to find more time to sit on the floor and “play” with the kids which really means jump on mommy time. Hubby’s job keeps us moving and starting over every 2-3 years which keeps my inner travel bug alive and my active planner mind always churning. On my webpage and blog, I hope you will buzz along with me learning and striving for having a healthier home and a healthier life. I will share tips, stories, and lots of research about my favorite food recipes, homemade personal care and cleaning products, exercise, essential oils, and more. I hope that you learn, laugh, and find easy solutions to make your life healthier.