Part 1
One hour family meeting with neurodevelopmental instructional systems director, to get to know a bit about your schooling goals and meet and talk to any children who will be schooling and all adults facilitating.

Part 2
Digitally delivered summary of the meeting and 8-10 potential curricula, site programs, and resources, designed to assist in guiding your home school program.
This will also include a list of potential assessments and providers (public and private).

Part 3
One hour family meeting approximately 1 month after the first meeting, intended as a follow up and fine tuning support conference.

Families may add an additional family meeting and/or curricula and/or assessment meeting at an additional cost, after participating in the initial home school consulting package. 

Homeschool and Tutoring Curriculum Selection Assistance
Curriculum selection assistance is available for grades K-12, all content areas.
 Selections are predicated upon parent feedback regarding their student's learning style, mastery level, strengths and deficits- as well their objectives for their students within the context of that content area.

Additional consultation support may be purchased, prorated to the nearest half hour.