Stephanie Gonzalez

WGCN Founder, Education and Research Director, Head of the WGCN Consultant Group

Founded and owned by veteran educator and brain based instructional designer Stephanie Gonzalez, in 2009 – as The Rubber Room.

Stephanie Gonzalez’s oldest daughter experienced a traumatic brain injury just before she turned five in 2009 – and Stephanie found herself in need of a platform to facilitate her daughter’s cognitive/behavioral and academic treatment plans.

Therefore, Stephanie opened The Rubber Room – a family lounge that was both open to the public and home to a very small, private group of young learners that were participating in the very unique research project- a project Stephanie had set up to promote her daughter’s healing.

Within a few months, word about the small private learning group spread and parents requested that this highly specialized program be opened up to more ages, for more hours and for more days. To this request Stephanie responded- absolutely!

The unique Wilson Gonzalez Method (TM) learning environment integrates Reggio Emillia, Montessori and Neuroeducation approaches– and through the platform of brain based education –combines current research in neuroeducation with multisensory individualized student learning plans to obtain maximum achievement for both neurotypical and neuroatypical children.

Each of Stephanie’s four children has participated in the development of the school and all of its programs- in addition to participating as students.

WGCN is a place for education that inspires the whole family- holistically.