Small groups combine parents of children with similar challenge sets so as to facilitate a supportive, community approach to parenting education. 
Parent/Child Workshops
Each session includes a digitally delivered lesson plan from the event as well the materials needed to participate in the lessons onsite during the workshop.
Please email for current schedule.

Nutrition/Sleep/Behavior/Cognition Analysis
For parents who need support identifying and improving social, physical, emotional and/or cognitive outcomes.
1. One hour family consultation.
2. Two, one hour student sesssions.
2. Custom analysis of 2 weeks of mind/body/brain data as well as a digitally delivered home based plan.
3. One hour meeting, post consult, to evaluate the home based plan and adjust as needed.
4. Families may sign up for an additional in person meeting.
5. Additional phone and email consultation follow-ups available, prorated to the half-hour.