1. Montessori/Neuroscience WGCN Academies
 Ages 5-16
Year Round
Cultivating a sense of inspiration, responsibility, self motivation and autonomy in all learner.
1 on 1 ratio in support areas
$10 an hour (4 hours a week min, 20 hour a week max)

2. Parent Support Services

NOTE: Classes and Workshops change with community need- so email us for a current list. Below are our top 6 groups.


$50 per 60 minute class
(A Workshops are (3) 60 minute classes (back to back or scheduled separately according to topic)

$5.00 per child Onsite childcare

All classes and workshops are taught by subject matter experts of the class workshop area- and particularly with 504/IEP areas- experts with only 100% efficacy in getting results in 504/IEPs for families in the South Sound area as well as 100% efficacy in getting families connected to resources as they get orders elsewhere.

Maximizing effectiveness of services and assuring continuity of care through PCS is what we do.

Topics this summer:

A) 504/ IEP- The Difference Between the Two, How to Initiate Them
This class is for families who do not currently have an IEP or 504 plan in place- but feel that it would maximize the effectiveness of their child(s) learning- if they did.

Families may sign up for a three session workshop after attending this initial class that will walk them through the IEP/504 process for their child(ren).

B) 504/IEP - How to Maximize Effectiveness
This class is for families with active 504/IEPs who need support in making sure services are allocated, approriate and consistent.

Families may sign up for a three session workshop after attending this initial class in order to workshop specific 504/IEP issues.

C) Transferring IEP/504s to the next Duty Station or School
This class is designed for families who need support transferring serviced from one school, district or state to another.

Families may sign up for a three session workshop after attending this initial class in order to workshop specific transfer issues.

D) Parenting Orders and Special Needs Children (Custody Evaluations and Guardian ad Litem recs as needed)

This class is for families in high conflict divorce where there is at least one special needs or medically fragile family member present. 

Families may sign up for a three session workshop after attending the initial class.

The class and workshop is faciliated by a nationally certified parenting coordinator and custody evaluator with extensive special needs/medically fragile family system experience.

*note one on one appointments may be scheduled in each of these service areas after families have attended the workshops and classes and followed the steps presented in all.

E) CARE GIVERS- LEARN TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! Workshop - 3 hour mini retreat- $150

No sleep. Constant anxiety. This all leads to a  care giver's behavioral and physical health imploding.

This workshop  is for all caregivers that are wanting some real life tools that WORK and can be implemented with limited time, energy and resources to improve the quality of their everyday life.

This workshop has a Wellness Coash and RN onsite in addition to therapeutic assessment.

This workshop is also faciliated by practitioners with personal experience caring for special needs family members through adverse situations such as divorce, deployment, PTSD of adult family member- which adds a level of compassion and empathy.

This workshop is open to all. 

F) Parenting Exceptional Children Support Groups (email us for times/dates- we will vet to be sure the topic fits the family to keep the groups safe)

$30 per 60 minute session

$5 per child on site child care

i. Spectrum
ii. Siezure
iii. Chromosonal
iv. TBI
v. Poor prognosis- all areas
vi. Limited Mobility/Limited Self Care
vii. Fatal Diagnosis
viii. Grieving/Death of a child
ix. Grieving What We Thought Life Would Be- Establishing our Normal (all families eligible)
x. Neurodevelopmentalism as Family Culture- What, Why, How

Please feel free to have anyone who might benefit from our support email us at WGCNWA@gmail.com