The Wilson Gonzalez Method Parent Support Model is comprised of 6 one month phases (two 3 month commitments)
Phases are structured to take parents from basic knowledge in a specific area  to being able to create complex, adaptable neurodevelopmental and neuroeducational programs for their children through a 6 layer integrated community resource network.
Using the Wilson Gonzalez Neurodevelopmental Model, we offer support for families navigating such situations as:
new diagnosis; starting homeschooling; moving to a new phase of homeschooling;  elevating beyond a developmental plateau (social, emotional, cognitive or academic); starting Integrated Listening Systems Therapy;  more effectively use of public school resource networks in order to become a more effective advocates for their children's education  

Cost Guarantees Each Month :
A) 4 sessions of parent support with the WGCN Neuroeducation and Research Director     
B) 6 individual, all inclusive, 30 day step by step family action plans
Note: WGCN classes may be substituted in for parent support classes as appropriate.

Consulting Services and Parent Support

Includes digital summary of discussion and recommended resources